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Drinking Water

This page is dedicated to Drinking-Water in New Zealand, we have compiled most if not all the information you need to know about New Zealand's drinking-water laws, standards, supplies and funding for both new and old supplies.


Alpha Pipelines can provide solutions to all your water, waste and stormwater needs. 

Including: storage, filtration, treatment, metering, reticulation, rain water harvesting and collection, pumping and discharge.


Alpha Pipelines is heavily involved in supporting the needs of agricultural, horticulture and lifestyle blocks. Our products and services range from irrigation of pasture/crops to reticulation, pumping, storage, monitoring, measurement and automation.


Alpha Pipelines provides solutions to production and process needs. Ranging from chemical transfer and measurement to high temperature/pressure applications. This involves all aspects of the transfer, monitoring and deployment of fluids.

Civil Infrastructure

Alpha Pipelines has a comprehensive and unbiased array of options/solutions in this field. This field includes; local authorities, developers, contractors and utility providers.

The systems and products available are made up of a variety of brands/models that have been carefully selected based on quality, price and reliable availability and service.

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