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Drinking Water

Alpha Pipelines is proud to be able to support communities in New Zealand with their drinking-water supplies, whether it be an upgrade of an existing supply or a completely new supply.  We are more than happy to offer advice with regards to all types of drinking-water solutions from the source to storage through treatment and on to consumers.

Ministry of Health Drinking Water Technical Assistance Programme

The Technical Assistance Programme will provide technical assistance to small water suppliers. Any supplier serving fewer than 5000 people can participate, and there is no charge.

Key Documents for NZ Drinking-Water
Ministry of Health site with downloadable pdf files relating to NZ Drinking-Water.

NZ Drinking-Water Relative Legislation
Information regarding the different laws, acts and standards relating to New Zealand's drinking-water.

Alpha Pipelines News Page
Here you will find Alpha's Monthly Editorial"Source to Tap"that will help you understand the drinking-water process.

Water Testing

Analyse your water for:

  • E.Coli

  • UV Transmittancy

  • Minerals

  • Turbidity

  • PH

Ask us for a water test kit

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