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We are your one stop shop for all your supply solutions

Alpha Pipelines provides solutions on waste and water projects, offering good old fashioned, honest, integrity and service. Alpha Pipelines prides themselves on choosing reliable, supportive and knowledgable suppliers and manufacturers to source products that meet Alpha Pipelines' quality criteria. 


We are suppliers of:


  • Irrigation systems

  • Sub divisions

  • Effluent systems

  • Water & waste systems

  • Industrial & process systems

  • Sprinklers

  • Valving & metering

  • Pumps & intakes


Supporting you with:


  • Project budgeting

  • Planning

  • Project management

  • Product supply



This site is the result of feedback on what would be helpful within the water industry. It has been developed for anyone looking for information needed to develop, monitor or maintain a water or waste system.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or an experienced engineer, we believe this site will be useful.

We provide systems from the small single house application to subdivisions and larger community reticulations.


To achieve economic and viable results, we work closely with:

  • Developers

  • Engineers

  • Farmers / Orchardist

  • Contractors

  • Trusts/Local Communities

We are fortunate to be well supported by our manufacturers and distributors. This ensures better deals, accurate information and reliable service.  We provide support from the investigation and specification phase to peer-reviewing designs. Also, interpretation of jargon and translation of intentions, proposed by designers.

Please offer feedback on the usefulness of this site, this will enable us to provide a practical and useful site.

Alpha Pipelines is committed to sharing, educating and supporting the water industry.

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